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Our work in leadership development

Wairimu at a leadership development workshop in BotswanaSkillshare International launched its leadership development programmes in 1999 in response to the popularity and success of an initial series of three workshops for leaders of NGOs, community-based organisations and government institutions in Southern Africa.


With initial funding support from the UK government's Department for International Development (DFID), the programmes drew in organisational leaders from four countries in Southern Africa, extending to six in the region, and later to East Africa and Asia. Over the years the programme has strengthened and training is now offered all over the world.


"This innovative programme has been highly valued by the participants for its relevance to their personal development as leaders and for their work with staff teams and colleagues to address processes within their organisations ...There is early evidence that, in most cases, participants are playing more facilitative and enabling roles within their organisations. Most participants have been able to effect changes already that are beginning to embed principles of continuous improvement and team working to good practical effect in their workplaces."

DFID evaluation report, February 2000


  • Development of inclusive leadership that motivates and inspires
  • Enhanced strategic leadership and improved organisational capability to deliver the vision and objectives
  • Improved user and customer focused service delivery
  • Demonstrable performance improvement in both service delivery and cost effectiveness
  • Development of a new culture of continual improvement to ensure that change is sustainable.