Skillshare International's vision is of a world without poverty, injustice and inequality where people, regardless of cultural, social and political divides, come together for mutual benefit, living in peaceful co-existence.

Skillshare International works to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality and to further economic and social development in partnership with people and communities throughout the world. We do this by sharing and developing skills and ideas, facilitating organisational and social change and building awareness of development issues.


  • Self determination: We value the right of people and communities to determine and develop their own future.
  • Empowerment: We are committed to collective and individual empowerment.
  • Partnership: We believe that working in partnership is central to effective economic, social and organisational development.

Skillshare International will:

  • Respond and adapt to development challenges.
  • Promote and protect the rights of disadvantaged communities.
  • Support our partners to engage in policy development and debates in line with our shared vision and values.
  • Run increasingly effective programmes and continually improve in all areas of our work.

What we do
Skillshare International aims to help organisations achieve their vision through improving their performance and services. We have a range of practical ways in which we assist organisations to develop and grow.

For instance:

  • the placement of international development workers with our partner organisations
  • financial resource development, such as building the capacity of programme funding
  • the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) - an initiative designed to develop the strategic leadership skills of Skillshare International's partner organisations

Find out more about our funders and our projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Annual reports and accounts
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