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Access to health care for Adivasis communities in India

Deep in the forests of India where Adivasis communities live, our partner organisations found it hard to train women as community health volunteers to provide the health education and care that isolated rural communities needed.

Jayanti is a community health volunteer in IndiaFor young Adivasis women, walking alone and unaccompanied by a man through forests and vast tea gardens to reach tribal hamlets was unimaginable and socially unacceptable.

Skillshare International development workers, including Dr Baliga who now runs our medical electives programme, developed a comprehensive curricululm to transform local villagers into effective health workers. Their outreach work has had a huge impact on the health of their communities, reducing cases of malaria and infant mortality and improving care for women before, during and after birth.  

Today, the community health programme supported by Skillshare International boasts nearly 400 Adivasis women, including Jayanti Sahu (left), who have become active change agents in their communities.

Fishermen affected by the 2004 TsunamiIn traditional fishing villages, women are often very low in the value chain and do not have influential access to markets.  Male traders control the auctioning process and women with no assets are unable to obtain the much-needed credit to run small businesses.  

After the South Asian Tsunami, Skillshare International worked with local partner organisations in India to break this cycle. 

Training and challenging gender stereotypes enabled women to Training and support after the 2004 Tsunami enabled women to generate an incomedevelop the skills they needed to market and sell fresh fish.  

The women from this very patriarchal society learned to drive an insulated four-wheel vehicle and were given the support to establish sturdy federations with access to bank credit so that they could sell fish in much larger quantities.

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