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Meet our volunteers

Conrad Gibbons

Conrad Gibbons from Glasgow volunteered in Mafeteng, Lesotho in January 2014 and was placed with the Olympic Africa Youth Ambassadors Programme.

He says, "Believe in yourself and your ability to change the world. Nobody goes on a programme and manages to make a country, or city, a new kingdom on Earth, but you can change the world one person at a time. If you can change the path of one child, you have done an incredible thing. ICS gives you the basis to do that, do not let the world pass you by."  

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Laura Silovksy with her host brother on ICS placement in Lesotho

Laura Silovsky

Nineteen year-old Laura Silovsky volunteered with Skillshare ICS after finishing secondary school in 2014. She fought off depression and anxiety to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS in one of Lesotho's most rural areas.

"ICS was anything but a gap yah; it was challenging, purposeful, sustainable, and the best ten weeks of my life."

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Samia Aziz after getting back from her Skillshare ICS placement in South AfricaSamia Aziz

Samia Aziz, age 24 from London, volunteered with Skillshare ICS and spent ten weeks in Cape Town, South Africa supporting our partner ABC for Life.

"My experience has made me fully appreciate the fact that the best thing you can give somebody, is your time. It is often the case that all we need, is to be reminded of the great power that is within us all. It has made me reconsider exactly what happiness is, and has encouraged me to seek a life full of meaning."



James Murray on Skillshare ICS placement in LesothoJames Murray

James Murray from Nottingham volunteered with Skillshare ICS in Summer 2014 and was placed in Lesotho. Since returning to the UK, him time on ICS has helped him become amanager of UK based charity 'Balls to Poverty' - and all at the age of 19. 

"My attitude throughout the programme was just to give it my all. I wanted to make a positive effect on as many people as possible."

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Kwame Boateng on Skillshare ICS placement in Cape Town



Kwame Boateng 

Kwame Boateng, age 19 from London, volunteered in Cape Town for 10 weeks during his summer break before starting University. He was placed with our project partner Oasis and worked in some of Cape Town's most deprived townships to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds refocus their lives and develop a positive direction for the future. 

"This was an experience that built up everything from my faith, to my CV, and one that I would recommend to anyone who is willing to make a difference in the world."

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Natalie Crisp ICS Volunteer Botswana

Natalie Crisp

Natalie Crisp, age 23 from Romford, volunteered in Botswana for 10 weeks after finishing university. She was placed with our project partner SEYDEA, a youth led community development programme that works in Ramotswa.

'As I was leaving my host family we were speaking about being sad about me leaving. He said, like me, that he was sad that I was leaving, however, 'it was okay because there would be another one of me soon.'