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Standard leadership development programmes

Our leadership development approach is based on the systems thinking model, developed to enhance performance and business improvement, taking into consideration local factors such as culture and ways of working.


Our programmes aim to support you to:

  • Improve your personal leadership capability in areas of attributes, desired ways of behaving, and ways of thinking, feeling or perceiving issues.
  • Improve your relationships with and between teams and individuals and externally with other stakeholders, ensuring customer focus and better service provision.
  • Improve your ability to bring about transformation in your organisations, enabling you to achieve your strategies and objectives effectively.
  • Improve your ability to introduce and establish a culture of continual process improvement in your organisations, a key requirement to achieving efficiency in how things are done in the organisation and customer focus


The standard programme is delivered over three modules:


  1. Develop personal leadership and vision
  2. Achieve excellence in your organisation’s performance - enabling continual process improvement
  3. Reposition your organisation for change - enabling transformation


Find out more about the content of each module.